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Hey everyone,

It’s time once again for a tutorial.
This is an all inclusive guide on how to upgrade your device. Everything you will need from start to finish.
Whether you are the proud new owner of a Blackberry and want the latest and greatest official operating system or you sit by the forums waiting for the next leak to drop, this guide should be for you.

I broke this down into sections so whether you need to do it all or just in parts, it should be organized for you.

Guide Index:


Each section is titled in blue and is in its own post.

Post 1 = Backing Up Your Devices Main Information Using Desktop Manager

Post 2 = Backing Up Third-Party Applications with BBSAK

Post 3 = Wiping Device Memory Using BBSAK

Post 4 = Loading A New Operating System Onto Your Device

Post 5 = Resend Your Service Books & Restoring Your Data & Third-party Apps

Video has been added to the top of each step, under the title, if you would rather follow along that way. Enjoy, and good luck…

The very first thing you need to do before anything else is backup your device!!!

There are two types of backups that you will become familiar with.

1. The Device Backup using the Desktop Manager which is also referred to as “DM”.


2. The Third-Party App backup, which does like it says, it saves all of the third-party application information into a file on your PC to be restored at any time.

1. *Backing Up Your Devices Main Information Using Desktop Manager*

Watch The Video

1. Connect your device to your PC with your USB cable.

2. Open your Desktop Manager software.

3. Click on Backup and Restore and then click Backup

4. Choose the location of where you would like to save the backup file.

Click the image for larger view

5. Click save and wait for the process to finish

Click the image for larger view

6. When finished, it will say the backup was successfully created

Click the image for larger view

2. *Backing up Third-Party Applications with BBSAK*
There are a few different ways to backup your devices Third-Party Applications.
Below is the simplest one.
Procedure written by sunkast:
Suncast’s BBSAK Video: BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) How To Video


Watch The Video

Before you start to use this program you will need the following installed on your PC.
1- Net Framework 2.0 or higher, you can download it Here
2- Desktop Manager (any version is fine)
3- BBSAK program, you can download it here: BBSAK

  1. Connect your phone to your computer
  2. Start BBSAK and enter your password if applicable
  3. Press the button labeled Backup Apps
  4. You will see a dialog box pop up saying your BlackBerry screen may flash during Backup.
  5. Now just sit back and wait for BBSAK to back up your third party apps.
  6. When completed you will see a dialog box saying 3rd Party Apps Backup Complete!


    If you look in the same folder that BBSAK is installed in
    (C:\Program Files\BBSAK or C:\Program Files (x86)\BBSAK for 64bit systems),
    you should see a new folder labeled Backup. Inside Backup are all of the COD files
    for your third party applications.

3. *Wiping Device Memory Using BBSAK*


Watch The Video

Next on your list is to erase your devices entire operating system and applications off of your phone so you can cleanly install a fresh operating system.
This process is referred to by many as “wiping” your device.
We can use the same program, (BBSAK), for the wipe process. Procedure written by Bryan: [/CENTER]


Run BBSAK, if you use a password on your BB then enter it here and select OK, if not just leave it blank and select OK.

The next screen to pop up gives you list of options that you can perform with BBSAK. **Notice it will display your pin number if your connected properly**. For the purpose of this walk through we will want to select the “wipe device” option.

Once you have selected wipe device you will get a screen asking if you are sure you want to do this. **this is a good time to select no if you forgot to back up your data** If you are ready to go then click yes

You will now see a bar on the bottom of the options screen. Showing you the progress of the wipe

Once it is done your phone will reboot and come up with an “error reload software 507” screen. Don’t panic that is what we want.

4. *Loading A New Operating System Onto Your Device*


So your device is now displaying the 507 error. This means you do not have any type of operating system loaded on it. So that is what we will tackle next. The only tools needed are your device hooked up to your PC with the USB cord and follow the steps below.

Before I start, I want to state that there are numerous ways to load an OS onto a device. This is what I follow and find it to be the easiest way.

I highly recommend if you are new to this procedure, read through it first to familiarize yourself with the steps

Disconnect your device from the PC.

Using your PC, navigate to your Control Panel, click on Add or Remove Programs and uninstall all instances of Blackberry DEVICE Software. Do not uninstall Blackberry DESKTOP Software. (see picture)

Click this bar to view the full image.

Now download the software of your choice that is compatible with your device.

Install the operating software to your PC.

Close Desktop Manager down if it is still open.

Connect your device to the PC via your USB cable.

Click this bar to view the full image.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader (where C:\ is your main drive.)

In Vista
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

Click this bar to view the full image.

Scroll to the bottom of that window. You must delete the vendor.xml file if it is there.

Scroll back up in the same window and double click the file named Loader. It looks like a Blackberry phone. () This will start the install process.

When the welcome screen opens, click Next.

Click this bar to view the full image.

The next screen will show your pin # in the top box, click Next. The top two will be the OS to be installed.

Click this bar to view the full image.


Click Next to begin the installation. This will take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes on average. Do Not Unplug Your Device!!

*If something goes wrong at this point, and the software does not load after waiting the allotted time, you will need to go back to the wiping your device step in this procedure and continue from there.

When the loading process is finished the wizard will say so.

Your device will reboot itself and take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to run up to the setup wizard.

Follow the prompts on your device until you get to the home screen.

5. *Resend your service books*

On phone: Options > Advanced options > Host Routing Tables > BB Menu Key > Register Now


Over the Web: BlackBerry – BlackBerry Internet Service Support

Pick North America or World Wide @ the top of the page.

Pick your Service Provider from the list on the page.
You may have to call your service provider to set you up if you can not gain access.

6. *Restoring Your Data & Third-party Apps*

So now you have everything except for one thing. You need to put what you backed up back on your device.

A few more simple steps and you’ll be ready to use your phone like your used to.

1. Connect your device to your PC again with the USB cable.

2. Open up BBSAK if you don’t have it running already.
3. Click on Restore Apps

Click this bar to view the full image.

4. Make sure the folder that was backed up with BBSAK is renamed like the next box says. Click OK.

Click this bar to view the full image.

5. The next box tells you that your device may flash, click OK.

Click this bar to view the full image.

6. Now wait for it to finish. When it is done, the last box will say so along with the message that the device will reboot.

Click this bar to view the full image.

Yay!! Your done!!

Lastly, many members recommend pulling your battery out of the device three times in a row, each time leaving it out for 60 seconds. This can help the device to function better. (quicker, smoother)

You should now be good to go with a new OS installed on your device and all your old settings restored.

Have Fun and see you in the forums.


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