Howto Setting up the Web Util demo

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Setting up the demo
As mentioned above, the full documentation for setting up WebUtil is available in the WebUtil manual, which can be found in the Forms Builder Online Help. However, in the context of this demo you need to do some minor configuration steps.
1. Unzip the zip file into a temporary area on your machine.
2. Copy webutil_demo.fmb to a directory which is currently on your FORMS_PATH
3. The demo uses a DLL to show the functionality of the C API. Copy ffisamp.dll to the <ORACLE_HOME>\forms\webutil directory. The C API demo is not supported for use in a 64bit browser and/or 64bit JRE. In Forms version 11.1.2+, copy to <ORACLE_HOME>\forms\webutil\win32
4. Open your webutil.cfg file and add the following line install.syslib.0.user.1=ffisamp.dll|40960|1.0|true
5. In the webutil.cfg file ensure you have the line
o transfer.appsrv.workAreaRoot=c:\temp
o transfer.appsrv.accessControl=TRUE
o transfer.database.enabled=TRUE
o transfer.appsrv.enabled=TRUE
6. Create a directory c:\temp and a file called c:\temp\downloaded_from_as.txt. Ensure you add text to this file. This is a test file which will be used to demonstrate loading files from the application server to the client. The Download test expects this file to exist in this location on the Application Server.
7. To show the uploading to the database, a table needs to be created using the following SQL or the script provided (wu_fileupload_db_demo.sql). drop table wu_fileupdown_demo; create table wu_fileupdown_demo (blob blob, id number(2)); insert into wu_fileupdown_demo values (NULL,1); commit; exit;
8. Compile/generate webutil_demo.fmb into an FMX. This can be done from within the Forms Builder or the command line. It may be necessary to include the compile_all=yes option in order to ensure the form runs properly. Run the form using the WebUtil config section. For example,


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